Slika 2 made in slovenia

The following beliefs are valid in the market:

  • Foreign is better
  • Recognisable is better
  • A familiar face knows better

What is our point?

That it is important to be proud of our products, which in many cases are also top quality. Let our choices be guided not by the smiling faces of famous and recognisable personalities, but by the content we will use. And the knowledge that if you haven’t heard of something, it’s definitely time you did.

Thank you to all our customers who recognise the added value in us and our product and keep our engine oiled with your purchases, enthusiastic feedbacks and loyalty.

Motivation and perseverance don’t just happen… especially in the early start up’s. At the beginning. And in your own way.

Our main guiding principle remains that our work and our product is driven by a positive energy, because only then can we deliver positivity through it to you.


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