PottPock is designed to make our daily activities easier. It represents a third hand and relieves us in a practical way. It allows us to keep the most important things close at hand and prevents us from losing and forgetting our valuables.

It is a patented Slovenian product, the work of hard-working Slovenian hands and heads.

It is unique because of its special material composition, which is skin-friendly, pleasant to the touch, stretchable, durable and washable.

Its added values:

PottPock is available in two sizes, for adults and children.

Size S/M is suitable for a child’s or tiny woman’s hand.

Size M/L is suitable for adult female and male hands.

The size of the storage pocket is the same for both sizes and all colours. The pocket is large enough to give us maximum efficiency and at the same time is not distracting on the hand.

»The size that fits!«

»Colours that make you happy!«

Colours are important and it is no coincidence which ones we choose in our lives.
See what PottPock is telling you:

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