PottPock Hug

PottPock Hug is a special elastic band – an accessory of the PottPock. It is designed to cover the PottPock or NEON PottPock. It allows discreet storage and further ensures that the stored contents remain in place.

You’ll soon find that it’s an indispensable part of your PottPock® equipment, and it also comes in handy as a hair elastic, an arm pad for your PottPock, perhaps to wipe your sweat with, or simply to use as a fashion accessory.

The PottPock Hug is a unique size and you can choose from eight different colours in which the logo is embroidered. It is stretchable and so suitable for all hands, both children’s and adults. It is washable and can easily be thrown in the washing machine with other clothes or washed under the tap with soapy water and lukewarm water.

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