»PottPock® Athletes«

PottPock Athletes loves breath…movement…health…life.

They can’t imagine their everyday life without sport.

They are walkers, recreational or professional athletes.

They are someone who faces challenges and looks for solutions. They are someone who continues and progresses, even when it is difficult and it feels hopeless.

It has always been the little things that have challenged them, where to put them, and now they have been burdened with face masks.

So in no time at all, PottPock has become their best mate. The help that is always at hand and without which there is no sport anymore.

It protects its contents from sweat, keeps them safe during the action and everything is ok, even if they get caught in the rain.

They are convinced by the stretchy and comfortable material and wear two for convenience.

PottPock is a new level of victory.

»PottPock® supports athletes and sport!«

»PottPock® Child«

PottPock is created with our children in mind. With this in mind, we have chosen a skin-friendly material that can also come into contact with food.

Not only is PottPock a useful tool for children, enhancing imagination, creativity and fine motor skills, it is also a source of endless play and fun!

The PottPock will keep your children playing and entertained during the day, the NEON PottPock in the dark, and both will keep them happy all year round.

»Give your child an unforgettable experience!«

»PottPock® Family«

We share with you the content of a letter from one of our young fans.

»Hi, I’m Mark and I’m 9 years old. Since all of us in the family have been using PottPock, we have become pure “fans”.

My dad has a blue one, of course. He says all other colours are for women, which I disagree with because I like all colours and there’s nothing wrong with that, not to mention that his favourite thing to wear last summer was an apricot t-shirt which he says accentuated his beautifully tanned complexion.

Well, dad goes to the grocery store every morning and regularly puts either a face mask or cash in PottPock, and last time he tried with both. I think he even succeeded.

Then he borrowed Mum’s yellow one and stuffed a grocery bag in it, so he wouldn’t have to pay for a new one every time, he said, which pissed Mum off because she only realised on a walk with our dog that she had a shopping bag inside, instead of the small poop bags for picking up our Bibi’s poo.

I have a green one, and I confess that Mum took it away from me for a couple of days last time because I was shooting at a picture with it and pretending to have arrows. The thing flies really well, last time it flew over the balcony, but to my great relief it was no big deal when it got run over by a scooter on the pavement. It survived, it was dirty and I just washed it. Case solved. And I was just looking forward to getting a new one, because I really want a NEON. I don’t have one of my own yet.

Who does? Yes, sure. The kid. She always gets what she wants. Sis is 5 years old and I have a bad feeling that I’ll be able to convince her to trade in her NEON for my green one. OK, I’ll buy it myself, but maybe I’ll accidentally empty her piggy bank instead of mine. She doesn’t really need NEON, she’s just fiddling and doing whatever, I’d at least have it for something smart. Let’s say… to scare her…

But it’s true that my parents are worried about our safety, so I’ll let them know that I’m a new night runner and I need a NEON urgently, so I won’t get lost in the dark.

I have an older brother, Alex, who is 17 and in high school. And he’s dating a girl. First one. I haven’t seen her yet, but I’m sure they’re kissing because he’s got chewing gums and some breath fresheners in his black PottPock all the time… I’ve also seen him wearing cheat sheet in his Pott… …sooo busted…

Oh! How come I didn’t remember that before? I just figured out how I’m going to get my NEON!


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