NEON PottPock

NEON PottPock is a PottPock to which we have added a special material to make it glow in the dark. In the light it is white with greenish undertones, in the dark it glows green.

We have paid special attention to the material selection process. The aim was to ensure the compatibility of the materials and thus preserve the primary characteristics of PottPock. In this way, we have achieved its dual applicability (2 in 1). In addition to serving as a pocket, it now serves us as a firefly.

After exposure to daylight, sunlight, a torch, a lamp, etc., your NEON PottPock magically lights up.

»A pocket AND a firefly? Why not!«

Children, walkers, athletes, pets… It simply serves as a firefly for everyone, making sure we are visible in the dark.

»So simple, yet so much fun!«

The NEON PottPock is simply priceless in how much fun it brings to children, young people and adults.

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